What are Iso Tones?

Isochronic tones (or Iso Tones) are regular beats of a single tone used for brainwave entrainment. Similar to monaural beats, the interference pattern that produces the beat is outside the brain so (unlike Iso Tones) headphones are not required, but since isochronic tones are more pronounced, the stimuli is even stronger. They differ from monaural beats which are a sine wave pulse rather than entirely separate pulses of a single tone.
Isochronic tones work by the contrast between the “on” and “off” settings in the noise. because off is nothing, and on is on, there is a high level of contrast. this contrast causes your brain to change its thought patterns.

How can I tell that the Iso Tones are working?

You’ll start to feel the effects almost immediately. Once your brainwaves start to change, physiological responses in your body will follow. Just relax and allow the tones to do their work. You can see by the testimonials these products work.

How long until Iso Tones start making a difference in my life?

Everybody is different, but if you listen to the tones consistently, over a period of four weeks, your brain will be able to reach the states you’ve been aiming for on its own. During these four weeks, you will start to see a positive change, most likely a decrease in stress levels, which results in better sleep, ability to focus better and ultimately you will notice that your highs and lows are lessened and your life comes into balance. Like many things in life, change takes time and you can build on your successes gradually.

What is the effect of the Iso Tones?

Our superior quality Iso Tones are effective in helping you accomplish your goals by changing the predominant brain wave frequency in a process called brain wave entrainment. By changing the predominant brain wave frequency one may feel any number of effects including:

Stress reduction
Change in consciousness
Feeling of “oneness”
Detached awareness
An improvement in health
Increased memory functioning
Increased focus
Increased creativity
Increased intuition
All of these benefits contribute to a longer, healthier life. The more you listen to these tones and maintain those states of mind, the better.

I already meditate. Why do I need Isochronic Tones?

Iso Tones can be very helpful in achieving deep meditative states. Researchers have found that long time meditators (over 40 years) go into a theta or delta brainwave pattern when meditating. Iso Tones help you get into these brain states quickly and effectively. Ultimately you don’t NEED them, but they can help a lot!

Is using Iso Tones to go deeper in meditation cheating?

Think of Iso Tones as one tool in your meditation toolbox. You can meditate while listening to Isochronic Tones, allowing you to go into a deeper meditative state more quickly.  You can’t become dependent on Iso Tones because they are anti-habit forming. As you use them, you train your brain to develop new neuro-connections. When these connections become strong and permanent, you don’t need to use Iso Tones to achieve the same functioning of the mind.

Technical Questions and Problems

What format are the Iso Tones in?

All our Iso Tones are in 192k MP3 format.

I Cannot Unzip The Download

You need a program to unzip the file. We recommend WinRar which you can download easily on numerous free program download websites. Simply download and install the program, then click the downloaded recording. You can then drag it to your desktop.

How Do I Burn My New Isochronic Tones Recording To a CD?

If you are using iTunes simply create a new playlist. Drop your recording into the playlist and click the burn button on the bottom right of the screen. Consult iTunes Help for more information.

How Do I Put My New Iso Tones On My iPod?

Simply Drag Your Iso Tones to your iTunes Library or correct playlist and connect your iPod. iTunes should do the rest. Consult iTunes Help for more information.

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